Stepper Motors

Stepper motors are an excellent choice with high holding torque, precise positioning, reliability and silent operation. This inexpensive motor for many engineers still requires complex control electronics, and this often impacted on the selection of the stepper motor as a motion control solution.

D.C. motors adapt to many design options, but unlike D.C. motors, the stepping motor for a similar size or smaller does not require gearing to achieve maintainable and holding torque at standstill. Observations of systems requiring voltage demands at (42V) operating volts (net).

Stepping motors

TOPS supply the complete range of stepper motors and can design products to optimise your application reliability and performance. The care that we take and our commitment to understanding your requirements helps you to improve your position in the market place. We offer a very large range of stock products — standard and high torque — and our world class manufacturing facilities around the world enable us to provide you with swift sample qualification and customised products.

There are three basic types of stepper motors: variable reluctance (VR), permanent magnet (PM) and hybrid. Our selected range of hybrid stepper motors allows you to benefit from the advantages of both VR and PM. Hybrid stepper motors have high resolution, excellent holding and dynamic torque and can operate at high stepping rates. These excellent positioning motors have rotational speed proportional to the frequency of input pulses (stepping rate). A complete range of electronic drives is available that can function at half step (1 and 2 phase) and full step (2 phase) modes.

We also supply a family of stepper motors with integrated electronics, which offer a reduced footprint, easy connection and a lower cost: the STM series.

To select the correct stepping motor for your application, we will assist you to determine:

Stepping motors
  1. Load conditions:
    – Friction load
    – Load inertia

  2. Dynamic load conditions:
    – Drive circuit
    – Maximum speed (PPS/Frequency)
    – Acceleration/deceleration pattern

Using stepping motors:

Stepping motors can be operated from simple switching devices or multi-axis controllers, incorporating technology software that allows us to reprogram and use memory capabilities. Our solutions include PLC, P.C. compatibility and intelligent controllers with drive circuits for the stepping motors.

We provide the drive circuit with a form of control, so that the input pulses into the drive circuit can be organised and used to distribute power from the power source sequentially to the motor phases, thus creating a rotating field.


  • Stepper drive circuit: Receives pulsed signal and can be controlled by an ON/OFF device, switching input between two levels of voltage.

  • Direction: Determined by device position High/Low.

  • Speed: Achieved by adjusting the pulse source, using an oscillator.

  • Stepping rate: Stepping rate can be changed with the type of drive, so that half step or microstepping can be achieved.

  • Memory: Stepper motors in multi-axis conditions can benefit from management systems with built-in programmable memory which enables single mode operation or repeated sequential operation.

  • System controllers: Can be customised to suit a machine or system design. The custom developed features with I/O allows us to interface with industrial networks.

Advantages of hybrid stepper motors:

  • Digital control and speed position
  • Open loop system with no position feedback required
  • Excellent response to acceleration, deceleration and step commands
  • Non cumulative positioning error (± 5% of step angle)
  • Excellent low speed/high torque characteristics without gear reduction
  • Holding torque when energised
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Can be stalled without motor damage
  • An excellent engineering choice for positioning applications

Typical applications:

  • Factory automation
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Stage lighting
  • Packaging equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Copiers, printers, plotters and scanners
  • Vending machines
  • Machine tools
  • Pumps
  • Labelling and folding machines
  • Laboratory analysers
  • Linear actuators (XYZ)


  • Complete system software
  • Drive electronics/controllers/ 4-axis and 8-axis hubs
  • Gearboxes
  • Encoders
  • Sliders XYZ
  • Harsh environment
  • Hollow shaft

We offer Drive Electronics and Controllers, Gear Drives or Special Environment for tough applications.