STAC6 Series Stepper Drives

The STAC6 represents the latest developments in stepper drive technology, incorporating features that will derive the highest performance from today's stepper motors. Its Anti-Resonance and Waveform Damping control algorithms make it a clear market leader.

STAC6 modules


  • Current Output 0.5 to 6.0 A
  • 90-135 VAC Input
  • 165V Bus
  • Configurator™ configuration software
  • Configurable Idle Current reduction
  • External control options
  • Pulse & Direction
  • Analog Command Signal
  • Host command via RS-232/485
  • Integral control options
    • Si Programmer™ — intuitive easy to use graphical programming language.
    • Q — comprehensive high level language with options for control of all drive features.

Advanced Features:

  • Self Test and Auto Setup
    Measures and Configures motor parameters automatically
  • Anti-resonance
    Eliminates midrange instability
  • Demand Signal Smoothing
    Reduces extraneous system resonances
  • Torque Ripple Smoothing
    Adjusts current waveform to reduce low speed torque ripple
Basic drive: Analog, digital and host command input.
  • Pulse & Direction with electronic gearing
  • Encoder following with electronic gearing
  • CW and CCW pulse
  • Multi-axis Si programming if used with a SiNet Hub
  • “Host” commands for real time control from a host PC or PLC using RS-232 or RS-485 serial communication
  • Configurable Oscillator function for running at fixed speeds or with joystick
STAC6-Si can be programmed for stand-alone operation, with the easy to use Si Programmer™ Windows software with integrated tuning (software and programming cable included).

Graphical point and click format combines motion, I/O, and operator interface functionality for simple machine sequencing.

Easily integrates with other devices on the machine (Sensors, PLCs etc).

Q programming: comprehensive programming language with options for downloading, storing and executing multiple programs.
  • Q Programming environment
  • Register manipulation
  • Conditional processing
  • Math functions
  • Multi-tasking
  • Pulse & Direction with electronic gearing
  • Encoder following with electronic gearing
  • CW and CCW pulse
  • Host interface while executing internal programs

Feature Table STAC6
Command Inputs Pulse & DirectionY
CW and CCW PulseY
Master EncoderY
Command Modes Host Command LanguageYY
Si IndexerY
Q ProgrammingY
Logic Input Functions EnableYY
Limit SwitchesYYY
Servo EnableYY
Logic Output Functions AlarmYYY
In PositionYYY
Digital Inputs7*157*
Digital Outputs37*3

* Note — Digital I/O on S and Q models can be increased to 15 inputs and 7 outputs with optional Expansion I/O kit.