Standard Motor Solutions

TOPS offer A.C. and D.C. motors with matching drive controllers from small fractional horse power (FHP) design through to industrial kilowatt ranges.
Our motors are available in both IEC and NEMA configurations for 50 or 60 Hz operation, backed up by international support services.

Stock products

Custom Designed D.C. motors and gearmotors

D.C. Gearmotors
D.C. Gearmotors
  • 78 mm: 60 to 200 watts / up to 230 VDC
  • Life: 4,000+ hours
  • Torque at 2,000 RPM: between 570 and 900 mNm
  • Starting torque: between 2,000 and 2,700 mNm

Industry Standard and High Efficiency A.C. Motors

One of the most popular and widely used products – Three-Phase Induction Motors IEC and NEMA.
  • Frame sizes from 63 to 200 IEC with IP 54 protection, single and multi-speed.
  • NEMA frame sizes from 140T to 326T.
Motors are constructed in light weight aluminium frame up to size 132, providing excellent heat transfer; the larger motors are produced in cast iron, providing excellent cooling and strength for heavy duty industrial use.

Motor only selection: IEC and NEMA 3-phase induction motors – 63 to 200 frame and flame-proof motors.

Our motors are designed for industrial applications and have been chosen for their flexibility and high performance with a full range of gearboxes and controls. This standard type of product is used in industry for air conditioning, elevators, escalators, agriculture and mining. Special configurations are available with performances ranging from 1 kW to 300 kW and mounting variations, foot, flange and foot/flange.

To order this type of motor, you may want to check the following – to help us specify the correct product for you: indoor/outdoor use, voltage, frequency, output, RPM, ambient temperature, direct or belt drive, type of enclosure, load inertia, application details and environment, size envelope, type of electrical supply.

Stock A.C. motors are also available in the following configurations:

Industrial Inverter Motor with A.C. variable frequency
Inverter Motor
  • A.C. single phase motors (general purpose)
  • Split-phase
  • Capacitor start
  • A.C. three-phase (general purpose)
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled
  • Open drip-proof
  • Heavy duty
  • C-Face motors (single phase and three-phase)
  • High efficiency motors (4 pole) (IP 54)
  • A.C. variable frequency drives are available for all products

Advantages and applications

Our industrial A.C. general purpose motors benefit from excellent combinations of motors that function with adjustable frequency drives for perfect performance in variable speed applications.
Soft start technology, in conjunction with motors producing efficient acceleration characteristics, will relieve stress and strain on your power distribution installation.

We have a range of products already designed, available and suitable typically for the following applications:

  • Pumps
  • HVAC
  • Elevators/stairlifts
  • Washdown
  • Swimming pools
  • Spas
  • Pizza ovens
  • Oil burners
  • Air moving
  • Brake motors
  • Milk pumps
  • Cooling fans

Example of service factors for electric motors:

Type of duty Type of load
Uniform Load
Mild Shock
Heavy Shock
30 mins/day0.500.801.20
  3 hours/day0.801.001.35
  8 hours/day1.001.201.50
16 hours/day1.101.261.55
24 hours/day1.201.351.60

Contact us for selection tables and calculations with the various types of gearmotor assemblies.