Micromotors for your integrated motion control system

Round DC Micromotors range

TOPS new range of micromotors benefit from long years of experience adapting the products to precision technologies that have been installed around the world by leading OEM manufacturers.

Standards and approvals

ISO 9001ISO 14000ISO/TS16949

Our customized micromotors benefit from a low noise technology, low vibration and high reliability. The high performance functions, drivers, controllers and mechanical designs allow us to realize any energy saving solution with contributions to environmental improvements.

Stock solutions

DC Micromotor T3864S
  • DC motors without gearbox
    • Flat type (1W to 5W)
    • Round type (1W to 100W)
DC Micromotors with planetary gearbox range
  • DC motors with planetary gearbox
    (1W to 1,000W)
DC Micromotor PC2230
  • DC coreless technology up to 3W (stock)
DC Micromotors SD3757b
  • DC motors
    • With spur gear and encoders (1W to 40W)
    • Without gearbox (1W to 100W)
Micromotor B42245
  • Micro stepping motors
    (hybrid designs starting at NEMA size 8)
AC Micro gearmotor SA6528
  • Micro gearmotors (ovoid technology) AC voltage 110/230V rpm 1.7 to 30 14-50 mNm

Brushless systems

For brushless solutions (disc drive pancake design) with integrated or external electronics, please contact us directly for engineering support and prototype information.


We aim to satisfy the set-up needed for your application and to make programming of your motion systems as easy as possible.
We have a software tool which can calibrate and configure your system. Contact us directly for engineering support with regards to this product.


Call us if you need application engineering support
  • Valve controls
  • Printers
  • Automation
  • Arcade games
  • Copiers
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Chart recorders
  • Plotters
  • Mail handling machines
  • Micro pumps
  • Lighting controls
  • Labelling machines
  • Chemical analysers
  • Medical equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Laboratory devices
  • Scanners
  • Domestic electrical devices
  • XY tables
  • Machine tools


— Local added value support

We provide custom designed electronics, programmable electronics with software support using PC, cables, connectors, power supplies, MMI, regeneration clamps, external regeneration resistors and multi-axis hubs x 4 or hubs x 8.
We also have quick link for D type connections to screw terminal blocks used in prototype systems, etc.