Technology Options  Performance Solutions founded in 1996 by a small group of British and French technologists, is a privately owned company specialising in motion technology and engineering solutions that can be swiftly and easily integrated into systems worldwide, thus providing clients with high return on investment.

Our committed staff continue to work in a way that strives to further the company’s ability to answer the key questions concerning our customers’ needs. We determine with our customers what service, product or combination is required, so that the results reflect true partnership and long term satisfaction.

New software packages have been designed to meet the trends and requirements of our various customers who have chosen to move forward with PC based solutions. Economics and the availability of processors used in the consumer markets are providing many industrial motion control designers with software opportunities, thus driving down costs for development and reducing time to market.

Providing solutions for machine tools, packaging equipment, XYZ robotics, material handling, semiconductor inspection devices, automatic industrial systems, vending systems, reprographic, printing, medical tools, equipments, and many customised applications.

Project Management • System Design

  • Motion control design
  • Component analysis
  • Programmers
  • Interface designs

Hardware design • Analog & Digital

For single sourcing strategies, our company is an ideal choice as we supply from the component level to complete systems.

Technical support is provided for the following networking NT, web technologies, industrial media, SQL server, turnkey solutions, Windows, and various industrial automation software.

At TOPS, we want a relationship with customers based upon quality and trust, with a total commitment to excellence.

Benefit from our experience, build your solution with TOPS, contact us today.