Motors & Controllers
for Electric Vehicles

Today, many applications can benefit from our electric vehicle (EV) motors and controllers, with small FHP motors through to kilowatt power ranges.

The battery motor is used for indoor and outdoor applications where machines, equipments are required to be portable, silent, efficient, safe and non-polluting.

The automobile industry has been responsible for many technology and design advances for battery solutions.

Many advantages are available, when an application can be adapted to low voltage:

L.M.C. Motors

Worm D.C. gearmotor
Model LEM-200

Our range of D.C. motors has been developed since the 1980s and today, we can provide you with the most efficient D.C. motors on the market. Our products can be found in electric vehicles, cars, boats, barges, yachts, motorbikes, scooters, go-karts and many other traction applications.

The following specifications are typical references but, if you require bespoke engineered solutions for your project, we can provide the service support from A to Z, enabling you to achieve your objectives in the shortest possible time frame.

Our motors exist in three sizes:

Any of the LEM-200 models can be made up in a 2x2 version: that is 2 motors coupled together on a single shaft (example).

You can also download the complete motor catalogue or the table.

We propose two types of controllers for our motors:
speed variators and programmable controllers.

We also propose marine solutions for boats, barges, yachts, etc.

D.C. gearmotors
D.C. gearmotors
  • Applications requiring safety standards at low voltage
  • 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 volt battery power supply options
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life
  • Energy efficient
  • Silent operation
  • High torque
  • Accepts many types of gear drive/encoders/brakes, etc.
  • Adaptable to electronics

Stock products

Worm D.C. gearmotor
Worm gear D.C. motor
  • D.C. motors with worm gear solution (25 to 500 W): ideal for small battery driven vehicles

Custom Designed D.C. motors and gearmotors

  • ∅ 42 mm: 10 to 25 watts / 6 to 48 volts
  • ∅ 63 mm: 15 to 60 watts / 6 to 48 volts
  • ∅ 78 mm: 60 to 200 watts / from 6 volts

All these motors can be fitted with gearboxes (planetary, spur or right angle) in order to supply you with the right torque and speed.

Battery Motors

Selection process for various applications/vehicles:

  • Motor type (size)
  • Motor power (watts) output
  • Motor voltage
  • Gear ratio
  • Output speed from gearbox
  • Type of shaft design
  • With or without integrated brake
  • Brake design
  • Integrated clutch installed
  • Clutch design
  • Wheel sizes
  • Vehicle speed
  • Vehicle weight loaded/unloaded

For further information regarding our driver solutions and controllers, see our Controllers page or detail your custom requirements on the contact page. We will assist you with your development and battery application.